Trip Costs and Payments

Total amount of support per team member (unless directed otherwise by your team leader) is $2000, plus airfare.  Airfare is currently between $1200-$1800 depending on your city.

Everything essential is covered from the time you arrive in Japan until you get back to the airport to leave Japan and includes the following:
  • MTW Insurance
  • Team Leader Background Check
  • Team Admin/Office Supplies
  • Children’s Ministry Supplies (curriculum, crafts, equipment)
  • Team Snacks
  • Transit to and from Airport
  • All Meals
  • Lodging in Tokyo/Yokohama
  • Transit to Church Service
  • Bus to and from Conference
  • Baggage Delivery to and from Conference
  • Conference Fees (Lodging + Meals)
  • Sightseeing in Tokyo
  • T-Shirt

Due dates for payments (per team member) are listed on the Pre-Trip Timeline page.

Team members:  When you reach out to your prospective supporters, they should make any payments directly to your church using whatever methods are supported (e.g. check, credit card, EFT/eCheck) and indicate that the contribution is for the “Impact Japan mission trip,” or as directed by your church’s staff.  Checks should be mailed or given to you, the team member, which you should make note of and then give to your church’s team leader.

Team leaders:  Record payments for each team member and give the team’s collected checks to your church’s financial administrator (or whomever is responsible). If a receipt is requested, your church should provide that to the supporter.

Prior to each of the four financial deadlines, direct the administrator to issue a check for the entire team, made payable to “Impact Japan,” and send to

Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church

c/o Tom Patton

5080 Cahaba Valley Trace

Birmingham. AL 35242

Any money to be used for airfare should be kept by the church and reimbursed to the team member upon purchase of the tickets.  Anything donated through the church would typically be tax deductible as a charitable gift, including funds spent on airfare.